Brand Story

    GORGOR was founded by a group of young designers from all over the world, who share their passion for art through devoted dedication to fashion. They assembled to launch an Italian fashion brand named GORGOR, with a vision to present exquisite and stylish luxury prêt-à-porter, while integrating art and culture to everyday wear.

    GORGOR is an abbreviated summary of the key attitudes we pursue.

    G = Grateful

    O = Optimistic

    R = Revolutionary

    GORGOR carries positive and optimistic spirit that shines through every intricate detail of her makings.

    By introducing artistically and culturally inspired elements into our designs, we express a simple yet distinguished aesthetic that is embodied by works of clothing. Composed of premium European fabrics specifically selected best fit for both comfort and the eye, GORGOR’s quality garments are adaptable for revisited everyday wear, beyond the limits categorised by trends. The manifested results of creative designs, deluxe fabrics, modern tailoring and fine craftsmanship, present pursuit of quality in daily wear in a chic manner.

    GORGOR appreciates the diversity of cultures as her curiosity takes her onto a journey to explore different subject matters of arts and humanities in each collection. Every piece of clothing projects our study and reflections through expressions of lines, patches, prints, and silhouettes. We invite GORGOR ladies to share our enjoyment of beauty and freedom through fashion and proclaim her own personality in style.


    GORGOR Fall/Winter 2018 takes inspiration from the multifaceted nature of Russia and projects versatility in fashion through interweaving four ideas -- PLAY cool FEEL charm, encourages GORGOR ladies to channel their inner selves, break fashion stereotype and state their attitudes.

    Ignited by the abstract concept of Suprematism, "the supremacy of its pure artistic feeling" speaks of the freeing of preconceived ideology, as we sculpt femininity in multi-dimensional ways of interpretation when contrasts are juxtaposed, allowing your instincts to create a daringly colourful life.

    PLAY • energy .contrast .fun

    COOL • attitude .silhouette .character

    FEEL • instinct .dare .colorful life

    CHARM • allure .charisma .aestheticism


    Greece has the most incredibly beautiful sunsets and magnificent sea views, known as the romantic land of kisses by Gods. Living in this pure beauty, the Greeks bring their own comfort away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Every moment is worth to enjoy, this is what they advocate "slow life". It represents not only a rhythm of life, but also the attitude of feeling the beauty of life.

    GORGOR Spring/Summer 2018 draws inspiration from the Greek culture of slow living, enjoys indulgence in fashion, reshapes spring and summer wearing aesthetics, and brings you a relaxing journey through taking time for your soul.